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Hi and thank you for dropping by and visiting Image & Style News!

I’m Damien Ball, a fashion and health enthusiast, currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A regular employee by day and a blogger by night is how I would also describe myself.

At Image & Style News, my vision is to provide my readers with the latest trends in fashion and health. I know that this is a fairly wide scope, which is why I’m very excited!

I’m a firm believer that everyone has their own fashion sense. What may look good on her/him might not work for you. So why not create your own fashion statement by personalizing any trending style and making it your own. As they commonly say in the fashion world – “own it!”

Health is another topic that I love talking about particularly with the prevalence of unhealthy food and lifestyle worldwide. I don’t profess to be a health buff, but I do my fair share of eating healthy and keeping fit.

This now brings me to the subject of you. Yes, you read it right – YOU! Would you be interested in personalizing your look and keeping fit? If you answered a resounding YES, that is so AWESOME! I know you’ll be coming back for another visit.

Alternatively, if you didn’t give an affirmative response, no worries! I’d like to extend an invitation for you to join me, and the other readers, as I present interesting topics that might get you hooked sooner than you think.

See you soon!