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4 Personalized Style Ideas for Women

Women are, by far, the most common persons who love to express their personality through what they wear. This is probably the reason why the fashion industry largely targets women consumers to purchase their items.

If the idea of purchasing your wardrobe at the nearest vintage shop or local boutique appeals to you then you’d be interested in what we are about to present.

One original and fun way to personalize your accessories and wardrobe would be to actually have them customized.

There are now commercially available brands that allow you to add a thing or two to their already finished products. You can even have your own item produced from scratch.


How about adding a design patch to your denim (jacket or jeans) that reflects your personality? You can also have your name or initials embroidered if you wish. Want to go a bit further? If you have a pair of old worn out jeans in your closet, you can DIY it into a sling bag which you can custom decorate.

Personalized Tops

Nothing speaks “personalized look” than a top that you’ve had customized with messages, puns, and even emojis. You are only limited by your imagination. Go on have that boring looking sweatshirt livened up by your favorite pun.

Personalized Jewelry

Accessories always make everything come together, doesn’t it? Why not wear jewelry that you either made yourself or engraved with your favorite quote? Jewelry makers also offer the option of creating monogrammed name necklaces.

Customized Shoes

Some shoe brands have offered an option where you receive the plain white version of their shoes and you get to add color and designs using non-washable fabric pens. There is nothing to hold you back in adding your flair to those lovely pair of shoes.

Whichever personalized style idea you choose, I’m very sure that you’d look awesome! Have fun!

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