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7 Ways to Wear A Multiway Dress

Women who want style and variety in their wardrobe tend to go for wrap dresses. It allows you to wear it in more ways than one. Read on for some ideas.


You can wear your multiway dress with a jacket, cardigan, or scarf over it. These add-ons instantly give you a different look.

Shoe Pairing

The fun thing about a multiway dress is that you have the option of wearing a different pair of shoes and still look good. Depending on the color and print of your wrap dress, you can wear stilettoes, wedges, and even go casual with a pair of sneakers.

Camisole Underneath

Some multiway dresses tend to come loose at the top no matter how wrapped up you are. Wearing a camisole underneath helps complete the look without you having to worry that you’ll be flashing other people any time soon.

One-shouldered Grecian Look

The Greek had this look pat down. You can wrap the dress to achieve a one-shouldered Grecian look that would be perfect for an elegant afternoon occasion.

Cap Sleeves

For a more conservative look, you can wrap the multiway dress around your body leaving some fabric at your shoulders to have a dress with cap sleeves.


Another stunning look that can be easily achieved by placing the left strap over the right shoulder and the right strap over the left shoulder. Twist the straps at the back of your neck and proceed to tie in a bow or knot to finish.

Accessorize with Jewelry

Depending on the occasion, you can accessorize your look with a chunk bracelet, earrings, and necklace. You can also go elegant and wear a simple pair of earrings and an elegant watch for a lovely date.

Most multiway dresses do come with instructions on how you can wear them along with illustrations. If you lost the instruction manual, don’t fret! Manufacturers have made these available online as well.

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